Van Gogh in Auvers sur Oise

Van Gogh in Auvers sur Oise Vincent Van Gogh arrived in Auvers sur Oise in 1890 and spent exactly 70 days there. 70 days during which he painted 76 paintings, made 30 drawings, wrote 60 letters to his brother and mother, and ended his life. This village of the Val d’Oise is today impregnated with […]

Focus on: Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, son of a pastor, was born on March 30th 1853 in Zundert (Netherlands) An unstable child but gifted for drawing, Vincent has among his uncles the founder, in Paris, of the Goupil art gallery. In order to learn the art trade, Vincent was sent to the gallery’s branches in The Hague (1869) and then to those in Brussels and London (1873-1876). After a series of romantic setbacks, he takes refuge in mysticism and in writing letters to his brother Theo, which will be an outlet for the troubles of his soul. After several years of solitary wandering, painting takes precedence over preaching and he begins to paint at the age of 27!

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