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Discover Paris, its history and actuality with a licensed guide. Let yourself be guided throught historical monuments, museums masterpieces and parisian neighbourhoods with Sylvanie Arnaud

Paris en famille: visite guidée du Louvre pour enfants

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behind the scenes

Why choose Art Story Walks ?


A passionate guide

I'm a passionate guide that aims to share my knowledge, to make you passionate about Paris, its history and Art History while spending a great time. Indeed, there is a good chance we'll be friends by the end of the tour !


Tailor-made tours

I create tours that meet your expectations and your wishes so that you can discover Paris with pleasure !


Kids friendly tours

I came to work with a lot of famillies, kids and teenagers with different backgrounds and ages. I adapt the tour to their passion, hobbies and interest. A challenge that i always accept with great pleasure !


Adapted Tours

Throught years of experience, i've learned how to adapt my tours to all kind of publics. This is what makes this job so interesting and fascinating. Family, Art Lovers, Kids, first timers.. i will adapt the visit to your knowledge and needs.


Licensed State-Guide

Art historian and certified tour guide, I invite you to discover Paris through unique guided tours,

guided Tours in paris

Discover all the guided tours offered by Art Story Walks in Paris. All these visits are possible in French, English or Italian. They are offered as a private tours, with the family, or in a group. The visits are “à la carte”, it is possible to combine them over a half-day or a full day.

The Expiatory Chapel

Guided tour of the Expiatory Chapel   Commemorative and funerary monument, the Expiatory Chapel , was erected on the site of a very particular cemetery:

Story of a myth: Orpheus and Eurydice

Mythology from cultures around the world has produced some of the most beautiful love stories ever told. This is especially true for ancient Greece !
Out of all of the mythic love stories told from this time period, perhaps the one that stands out the most is the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

History Anecdotes & Cultural News

All the latest cultural news on the Art Story Walks blog. Favorite, news, analysis. Your Guide Sylvanie Arnaud unveils a little bit of  her Cultural knowledge to you.

Sylvanie Arnaud, your guide in paris

I offer private guided tours in Paris and the Parisian region to help you discover the beautiful History of France and Paris. I want you to travel through time but also enjoy at the fullest your holidays here.

Exceptional visits

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Do you want to discover Paris with your family, some friends, or organize a visit in the Paris with a group?

Paris is a city full of treasures and places to discover or rediscover. Paris region gives you a great opportunity to escape for a half day or a full day in order to explore new horizons. 

“Why Paris?
Paris Needs No Reason, Paris Is Its Own Reason.”

Maureen Johnson

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