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Welcome to Art Story Walks, a new way to discover the City of Light, through  Licensed Guide and an Art Historian’s eyes !

Will this be your first time in Paris? You’ll quickly realize that it is a city of art and history: architecture, sculpture, museums, artists, street art… Let us guide you through this modern, bustling metropolis with deep traditional roots, a city where landmarks had to earn their places in history and the hearts of the people.

Follow your guide on a private and personalised tour, and discover Paris history as well as its actuality.


Sylvanie Arnaud

Sylvanie Arnaud - Guide conférencière à Paris


Art historian and a state licensed guide, Sylvanie Arnaud, will help you discover Paris through customized guided tours and personalized services. Each tour will be tailor-made to match your personal interests, at your own pace and with time to stand and stare. Whether it’s your first time in the city or you already know it, she will take you off the beaten tracks and unveil the secrets of Paris’ major landmarks. With family or friends, in a group or on private visit, Sylvanie’s tours consist of a mix of cultural visits, relaxing strolls and gourmet breaks in trendy places. In addition to Paris’ must-see, she will introduce you to her favorite lesser-known museums or monuments and to some more intimate nooks and crannies. Together, you’ll walk the streets of the City of Light just like a group of friends.


Sylvanie’s speciality is sharing her in-depth knowledge of art history, and using her local know-how to get you excited about Paris! She began her career as a guide, sharing her love of European art and art history with tourists and locals. Her knowledge comes from more than 7 years of art history studies in France and Italy, including getting her Master’s degree at Rome’s University of Sapienza.

Today she offers to help you discover your Paris, from its history, museums, works of art, and limited access exhibitions to its neighbourhoods, local haunts, and of course where to get the best baguette.

Paris is inextricably linked with its history, don’t miss out on getting the complete guide of this incredible city.

In a few words:

Her favorite Parisian district

Montmartre, feeling like being in a small village in the middle of France.

Her favorite quote 

The “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”- anonymous

Her favorite museum 

The Jacquemart-André museum, an unique collection of Italian art in Paris.

Her favorite painting

The Wedding Feast in Cana, Veronese – the largest painting in the Louvre Museum.

Her guilty pleasure

A glass Saint Emilion with some french cheese.

What she loves to do in Paris 

Riding a bike through he city.

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