Père Lachaise cemetery

6 July 2019

The Père-Lachaise Cemetery is probably the most famous cemetery in Paris, even in the world. You can see why by visiting it: an immense 44-hectare park and open-air museum. The Père-Lachaise cemetery is an inexhaustible source of walking, visited every year by more than 3 million visitors.


Although Paris is full of attractive cemeteries (Montparnasse, Montmartre, Batignolles), the one of Père Lachaise open in 1804 is the most surprising, and the most beautiful, in many ways. First of all, of course, because it welcomes a tremendous number of celebrities from all around the world. But also because during your walk in its cobblestone alleys, you will discover a large number of plant species, something that one does not necessarily expect to find here. Cherry trees, maple trees, chestnut trees, willow trees, walnut trees… The Père-Lachaise cemetery has about 5,000 trees representing about 50 different species spread over an area of 44 hectares. This makes this the largest green space in Paris!

Duration 2h
Stroll throught the Père Lachaise Cemetery with your guide to discover the treasures of this immense 44-hectare park and open-air museum. Discover the tombs of those who made history: Edith Piaf, Oscar Wild, Jim Morrison, Frédérick Chopin, Molière, La Fontaine..
  • The tour takes place regardless of the weather.
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

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