Opera Garnier

12 June 2018

The Opera Garnier, the essential one in Paris. The Phantom of the Opera, Chagall’s fresco, the balconies, the architecture, the paintings, the red velvets seats, the “petits rats de l’Opera, the orchestra… But, as quite essential, there is often many visitors! The Opera Garnier is the 5th most visited payed monument in France: 700 000 visitors a year…Of course, everyone would prefer to have it just for his own.


Thirteenth’s Opera House built in Paris, the Opera Garnier is a world-famous architectural masterpiece, in the pure style Napoleon III. Its construction was entrusted by competition to the young architect Charles Garnier, and lasted fifteen years. The constuction knew numerous interruptions during the 1870 war, the fall of the Empire and the Commune of Paris. The inauguration took place on January 5th, 1875.

Beside the main room that holds 1900 places and its ceiling painted by Marc Chagall in 1964, the main staircase that serves the differents foyers, themselves richly decorated, testify of a time when another show, the one of the high society, happened during the interludes.
The Opera Garnier always fascinated its contemporaries for its architecture and its decoration, just as much as for the shows it offers.

Duration 2h

Meet your guide at the bottom of the staircase in front of the Garnier Opera.

From by the monumental staircase to the Grand Foyer, discover this architectural masterpiece of the XIXth century. This dive in Haussmannien Paris will fascinate you, as much by its decoration as by the stories bound to its construction … For example, did you know that the architect Charles Garnier had to pay his own place to attend the inauguration show of the Opera? Follow your guide to discover all about this magnificent Garnier Opera!

Last but to least, at the end of you visit go up the seventh floor of the Galleries Lafayette, situated just behind the Opera! After admiring the dome, rise up to the terrace where you will have a fantastic view over the Opera, the Haussmann boulevards and all Paris!


  • Tickets are supplied by your guide.
  • The Garnier Opera is always in service, the access to the Auditorium can sometimes be impossible due to technical or artistic reasons. The access cannot be guaranteed there.
  • For artistic or technical reasons, the visit can be modified the day of the visit by the Opera Garnier without giving the right to a refund or to modification of your visit date.
  • This visit does not include the access to the behing the scenes of the Opera Garnier.
  • The visit is not available for the children of less than five years old.

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